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96 Feb '77 Hot 100


These feelings have been building up Around us for a long time I remember days when your true lovin' ways Flowed thru my life just like sweet wine And lately you've been acting strange You feel you need a change There's nothing I can do to make you stay So if you must say goodbye This is as good a time as any for me to cry How can they say that somehow It all works out for the good When life can be so cruel You feel just like a fool, you know you should What happened to our dreams, all our well laid schemes We just let them slip right on thru our hands And all that's left when the fire is gone Is just some ashes and a little bit of sand.

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So naive to think it could be sunshine all the way Look out here comes a rainy day You know, I'll always love you deep inside And girl, I know you never lied to me Oh there was a time we could fly so high They couldn't catch us if they tried They couldn't catch us if they tried


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