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Lyrics by: Eric Carmen
# Debut Chart
23 Aug '77 Hot 100


I set to sea on a ship called emptiness Cast away on the island of loneliness Looking for love, ooh And I was looking for love

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You know I, I didn't think she could hear my S.O.S. But she appeared like an angel of tenderness Sent from above, oh She was bringing me love [CHORUS] Oh mama, she did it (she did it) (Mama, she did it) whoa momma (She did it, she did it) She did it, yeah Ooh, she did it (she did it) (My my, she did it) Ma mama, she did it, yeah (She did it, oo my, she did it) Looking back making love was meaningless 'Til she touched me with her warmth and a gentleness I'd never known Ooh, and she was guiding me home Now I, now I see all the things in life I missed 'Til she opened up my eyes to the limitless Wonder of love, oh Now I'm ready for love [repeat CHORUS] I never new what love was about 'Til she came and stole away my heart Now I'm alive and I know it And all I ever wanna do is show it Ooh ooh oh oh, oh yeah Oh mama she, oh mama she [repeat CHORUS 3x]


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