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# Debut Chart
1 Dec '76 Country
15 Jan '77 Hot 100


[CHORUS] Say you'll stay until tomorrow, I can't face the night alone, Though I know it's over, and we're through, Say you'll stay, until Tomorrow, I need you. The words have all been said, your minds made up to go, You're standing by the bed, like someone I don't know, Your love has died, and there is nothing I can do, Though you try, yes you try. you can't live, with a lie. So, [repeat CHORUS] I've known for some time now That thing's just ain't been right 'Cause when we try to talk We both get so uptight But now you've told the truth And I know where I stand Though it hurts (though it hurts) Deep inside (deep inside) Give me time (give me time) I'll get by so..

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[repeat CHORUS] Though I know it over and we're through Say you'll stay until tomorrow I neeeeeeeeedddd you


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