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Lyrics by: Toy Caldwell
# Debut Chart
14 Mar '77 Hot 100
51 Apr '77 Country
25 May '77 Adult Contemp


I ain`t never been with A woman long enough For my boots to get old But we been together so long now They both need resoled If I ever settle down You`d be my kind And it`s a good time for me To head on down the line (CHORUS) Heard it in a love song Heard it in a love song Heard it in a love song Can`t be wrong I`m the kind of man Who likes to get away Likes to start dreaming About tomorrow, today

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Never said that I love you Even though it`s so There`s a duffel bag of mine It`s time to go (CHORUS) I`m gonna be leaving At the break of dawn Wish you could come But I don`t need No woman tagging along Gonna sneak out that door Couldn`t stand to see you cry I`d stay another year if I saw a teardrop in your eye (CHORUS) I never had a damn thing But what I had I had to leave it behind You`re the hardest thing I ever tried to get off my mind Always something greener In the other side of that hill I was born a wrangler And a rounder and I guess I always will (CHORUS)


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