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# Debut Chart
15 Nov '77 Hot 100


Baby, do you understand me now Sometimes I feel a little mad But don`t you know That no one alive Can always be an angel When things go wrong I seem to be real bad

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(CHORUS) Cause I`m just a soul Whose intentions are good Oh, Lord, please don`t Let me be misunderstood If I seem edgy I want you to know That I never meant to Take it out on you Life has it`s problems And I`ve got my share That`s one thing I never meant to do Cause I love you Baby, don`t you know I`m just human And I`ve got thoughts Like any other man And sometimes I feel myself alone Regretting some foolish thing Some foolish thing I`ve done (CHORUS) Oh, Lord, don`t you Let me be misunderstood Don`t let me be Don`t let me be misunderstood No, no, no


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