Music Service


by Kiss
Lyrics by: Gene Simmons
# Debut Chart
25 Jul '77 Hot 100


She's got me dizzy She sees me through to the end She's got me in her hands And there's no use in pretending

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Christine sixteen Christine sixteen She drives me crazy I want to give her all I've got And she's hot every day and night There is no doubt about it I don't usually say things (Christine) Like this to girls your age (sixteen) But when I saw you coming Out of the school that day That day I knew (Christine) I knew (sixteen) I've got to have you I've got to have you She's been around But she's young and clean I've got to have her Can't live without her Whoa, no Christine sixteen Christine sixteen Christine, Christine Sixteen, sixteen Christine, yeah, yeah, yeah So clean, Christine Pristine, sixteen Christine, yeah, yeah Christine, Christine yeah


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