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Lyrics by: Ben Peters
# Debut Chart
2 Aug '76 Country


[CHORUS] I've got a whole lotta things to sing about I gotta whole lotta things to say Like I love you (love you) And I need you (need you) Every night and day (night and day) I gotta a whole lotta things I wanna do I gotta a whole lotta dreams to dream And I want you (want you) Here beside me (beside me) Every step of the way

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I was lonely As anyone could ever be Till you came along And gave your love to me Now that empty world That you just walked into Is filled with sunshine and music And the song is you [repeat CHORUS] People wonder just What has happened to me They say I'm not at all The way I used to be They don't realize I've just begun to live And I'm just wrapped up completely In all the love you give and [repeat CHORUS]


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