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3 Jun '76 Country


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Today I saw her for the first time since she left me And she said I've got a favor to ask of ye and I said all right what is it And she said you know you always told me If I ever needed any help just to ask you and you'd help me And I said yeah I remember and she said Well there's this fellow that I've been going with And I just found out that he's been slipping around me And I thought that maybe if you'd write me a letter And tell me that you miss me and that you still love me That he may find it and it might greed it And it might make him jealous and I might not lose it And I said OK I'll write you the letter Dear sweetheart just a line to let you know That I still think about ye and I still love you so I remember your kisses and every time you held me tight But most of all I remember the good times that we had each night Dear sweetheart if you're lonely just let me know For you're still my one and only and I still love you so I'm gonna close for now sweetheart and try to go on without you But don't forget I'll always love you no matter what you do So now I've written the letter the way you've asked me to And I hope it makes him jealous the way you want it to For I've told you I still love you and I wanna be with you But you know sweetheart the saddest part I'm not pretending for I still do


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