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Lyrics by: Neil Diamond
# Debut Chart
43 Sep '76 Hot 100
4 Sep '76 Adult Contemp


Hey, sleepy old sun Sleepy old day Sleepy old tree gonna Make me some shade Sleepy old time On my side of town I'm feeling fine I'll explain to you now (CHORUS) Don't think, feel Ain't no big deal Just make it real And don't think, feel It don't take plans To clap your hands When it feels nice Just don't think twice

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Some worry all day Bout who they can trust Some worry all night Bout money and lust Worried they do And worried they die And after they're gone Just the bankers cry (CHORUS) Life is a card You take what you get You do what you can To feel no regret You do what you can Forget about words Just go with the feeling It usually works (CHORUS) 3X to fade


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