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# Debut Chart
49 Jun '76 Hot 100


Hot stuff, yeah Hot stuff Can`t get enough Hot stuff, hot stuff, can`t get enough The music is mighty, mighty fine Hot stuff Play it rough Cause music is want I want To keep my body always moving Yeah, shake it up, hot stuff Everyday I get another dose I can`t stand it when the music stops Hot stuff Everybody on the dance floor You know what I`m talking about Music make you forget all your trouble Make you sing and make you tell the whole wide world So what? Hot stuff

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I want to tell all my friends in London There ain`t nothing wrong with you But you`d better shape up Shake it up, your hot stuff All the people in New York City I know you all going broke But I know your tough, yeah you`re hot stuff To everybody in Jamaica That`s working in the sun Your hot, your hot stuff Shake it up, hot stuff


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