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Lyrics by: Errol Brown
# Debut Chart
42 Apr '76 Hot 100


Your lips are warmer than a fire Just on burning kiss fills me with desire And it would drive me mad if you should stop it now 'Cause I never ever had a girl like this before.

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Keep on giving it to me Crazy 'bout you baby (mad about you darling) Keep on giving it to me 'Cause I'm mad about you darling Don't stop it now. Give me give me all you can 'Cause I need you now much more than I ever had And I want more and more if I can get it Baby your sweet sweet kind of love I've got to have it. Keep on giving it to me... Darling-mad about you darling don't stop it now. This night must last forever and if you leave me now. You'll only break my heart don't stop it now.


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