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1976 - Pop
# Debut Chart
82 Mar '76 Hot 100


I let the pain just walk on in And I pulled up the nearest chair No need to say, hey, how you been We've been friends too long to care Baby, you're the cause Of my sleepless nights But it's not that I'm about to complain You get used to it Sing your blues to it (CHORUS) Once a fool, always a fool There's no way to change To be rearranged anymore Once a fool, always a fool When you ring the bell I can tell who you're ready for

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I always find you with alibis When I know you're the guilty one I never ask for a reason why You come home with the rising sun What the use of making it harder, boy When it's hard enough already for me Be it right or wrong I shall play along (CHORUS) 2X Once a fool, always a fool


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