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# Debut Chart
39 Jan '76 Hot 100


Twisted trains, unseen chains And broken bars of steel Dangling hopes, lengths of rope And a chase that seems surreal (CHORUS) Renegade, renegade Somebody dealt you The Ace of Spades You lost your bet Now your debt is paid But you know your strongest Hand has not been played Idols so well known Just faces turned to stone Now you always go alone Or you`re betrayed Dead end canyon rim And you`re hanging on a limb As your whole mirage Begins to fade (CHORUS)

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Loose at last Loose from your past And loose from an image That tries to change too fast Now you`re deaf to any voice Trying to change your choice There is no role Because there is no cast You`re just a renegade You`re a renegade Renegade, renegade Yes, a renegade.....


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