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I received a message from My brother cross the water He sat laughing as he wrote The end's in sight So I said goodbye To all my friends And packed my hopes Inside a matchbox Cause I know it's time to fly Oh, oh, oh, yeah Come on, meet me in the morning Meet me in the middle of the night Oh, yeah, the morning light is coming Don't it make you wanna kinda feel alright Ooh, yeah, ah-hah I just jumped a train that never stops So now somehow they'll know I'll never finish paying for my ride Someone push the gun into my hand Tell me I'm the type of man To fight the fight that I'll require Oh, oh, oh, ho, yeah, ha Come on, meet me in the morning Won't you meet me in the middle Of the night, night, night, yeah Hoh oh, well, the Morning light is coming Well, don't it make you Wanna kinda feel alright Oh, mama, well I think it's time I'm leaving Nothing here to make me stay A-whoa, mama, well it Must be time I'm going They're knocking down them doors They're trying to take me away

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Please, Mr. Brakeman Won't you ring your bell Well, ring it loud and clear Uh, please, Mr. Fireman Won't you ring your bell Tell the people they got To fly away from here Ooh, I once saw a picture Of a lady with a baby Something made her have A very, very special smile We are in the middle Of a change in destination When the train stops Altogether we will smile Oh, oh, oh, hoh Come on, come on now Meet me in the morning Won't you meet me in The middle of the night, night N-ni-ni-night, hoh, hoh, yeah Everybody know the Morning time is coming Don't it make you Wanna feel alright Ah, ah, yeah Make me feel alright Fly now, baby Get to flying Fly now, baby Ohaaa, hey, hey Uh, uh, uh


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