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Lyrics by: Russell Smith
# Debut Chart
9 Nov '75 Country
72 Dec '75 Hot 100


[CHORUS] Amazing grace used To be her favorite song Lord, where's my Good girl gone She was all I ever wanted She was an angel for sure She stands even now in my Memory, so sweet and pure

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But all that made me happy Was a bottle and a song Used to stay out drinking While she cried all night long [repeat CHORUS] She thought she could make Me change in a while So she learned how to drink And she learned how to smile But I guess the Pull of the bottle Was just a little Bit too strong Now she's left me And I don't know Where she's gone [repeat CHORUS] And then one night She said, I'm going But she didn't say where It didn't seem to matter And I didn't really care But now that I'm sober And I can see it all I know I'm to blame For her fall [repeat CHORUS] Lord, where's my Good girl gone


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