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Lyrics by: Mark James
# Debut Chart
13 Oct '75 Adult Contemp
49 Oct '75 Country
98 Nov '75 Hot 100


It's such a beautiful day that The sky seems to say good morning Missed the dust off your shoes Throw away ally our blues And start smiling Take a good look around There's no clouds looking down Upon your way So, won't you decide To come back alive It's a new day [CHORUS] Sunday sunrise shining Through my windowpane Chasing away my cares With all the pouring rain Sunday sunrise Unfolding like a smile Making me feel just like A newborn baby child

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Well, I'm feeling so good I keep knocking on wood I'm not grieving I hear birds everywhere Singing songs in the air With a meaning Saying it's time to wake up Get a whole new outlook From your view Come on out Where it's warm It won't do any harm If you want to [repeat CHORUS 2x]


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