Music Service


by 10cc
# Debut Chart
83 Nov '75 Hot 100


Gimme your body Gimme your mind Open your heart Pull down the blind Gimme your love Gimme it all Gimme in the kitchen Gimme in the hall [CHORUS] Art for art's sake Money for God's sake Art for Art's sake Money for God's sake

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Gimme the readys Gimme the cash Gimme a bullet Gimme a smash Gimme a silver Gimme a gold Make it a million For when I get old [repeat CHORUS] Money talks So, listen to it Money talks to me Anyone can understand it Money can't be beat, oh, no When you get down Down to the root Don't give a damn Don't give a hoot Still gotta keep Making the loot Chauffeur driven Gotta make her Quick as you can Give her loving Make you a man Get her in the Palm of your hand Bread from Heaven Gimme a country Where I can be free Don't need the unions Burying me Keep me in exile The rest of my days Burn me in hell but As long as it pays [repeat CHORUS 2x]


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