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Lyrics by: Greg Gordon
# Debut Chart
65 Oct '75 Hot 100


If I can never see you, if I can never hold you If I can never touch your face or feel your warm embrace I still remember talkin`, I still remember laughin` I still remember lovin` you a lot and touchin` you Only bringin` it back, only just bringin` it back A familiar face, a familiar face just brings it all back Everything`s bringin` it back, good songs bringin` it back Even after so much time, everything`s bringin` it back

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Thinkin` in my solitude, wonderin` about your attitude Thinkin` maybe that your love has died There it is, I can see it in your eyes A look of sweet surrender, a touch of too much sadness Cause I`ve hurt you so, you know your sorrow shows You just can`t stay, but you can`t let go


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