Music Service


Lyrics by: John Barlow, Bob Weir
# Debut Chart
81 Oct '75 Hot 100


There`s mosquitoes on the river Fish are rising up like birds It`s been hot for seven weeks now, Too hot to even speak now, Did you hear what I just heard? Say it might have been a fiddle or it could have been the wind But there seems to be a beat now I can feel it my feet now Listen here it comes again! There`s a band out on the highway, They`re high steppin` into town It`s a rainbow full of sound, It`s fireworks, calliopes and clowns Everybody dancin` C`mon children, C`mon children, Come on clap your hands.

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Sun went down in honey and the moon came up in wine, You know stars were spinnin` dizzy, Lord The band kept us too busy we forgot about the time. They`re a band beyond description, Like Jehovah`s favorite choir People joining hand in hand While the music played the band, Lord They`re setting us on fire. Crazy rooster crowin` midnight, Balls of lightin` roll along Old men sing about their dreams, Women laugh and children scream And the band keeps playin` on. Keep on dancin` thru the daylight, Greet the mornin` air with song No ones`s noticed, but the band`s all pack and gone. Was it ever there at all? But they keep on dancin` C`mon children, C`mon children, Come on clap your hands Well the cool breeze came on Tuesday, And the corn`s a bumper crop And the fields are full of dancin` Full of singin` and romancin` The music never stopped.


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