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Lyrics by: Dennis Tracy
# Debut Chart
95 Aug '75 Hot 100


I'm not a bad person (I know) I don't drink and I don't kill I got no evil habits And I probably never will I don't sing like Elvis Presley I can't dance like Fred Astaire But there's one thing in my favor (What) I'm a millionaire (That's beautiful)

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(CHORUS) And I got more money Then a horse has hairs Cause my rich old uncle died And answered all my prayers Having all this money Is gonna bring me down If you ain't with me, honey To help me spread it around I could get myself a nose job I could diet for a year But I'll never be Robert Redford Cause I'm much too fond of beer Please don't misunderstand me It's not love I'm trying to buy It's just I got all this here money And I'm a pretty ugly guy (CHORUS) I don't mind if you Love me for my money If you love me for Whatever else I got But ceptin all this stuff I'm alone in Fort Knox I don't guess I'm Doing all that hot (CHORUS) Money, money, money, money Money, money, money, money.... Hey, you, come here, baby Stop crying Put a quarter in the jukebox


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