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# Debut Chart
3 Jun '75 Hot 100
1 Jun '75 Adult Contemp
5 Jun '75 Country


In the corner of the bar There stands a jukebox With the best of country music Old and new

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You can hear your five Selections for a quarter And somebody else`s songs When yours are through I got good Kentucky Whiskey on the counter And my friends around To help me ease the pain Til some button pushing cowboy Plays that love song And here I am just Missing you again (CHORUS) Please, Mr., please Don`t play B-17 It was our song, it was His song, but it`s over Please, Mr., please If you know what I mean I don`t ever wanna Hear that song again If I had a dime for Every time I held you Though you`re far away You`ve been so close to me I could swear I`d be The richest girl in Nashville Maybe even in the State of Tennessee But I guess I`d better Get myself together Cause when you left You didn`t leave too much behind Just a note that said I`m sorry by your picture And a song that`s weighing Heavy on my mind (CHORUS)


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