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# Debut Chart
1 Apr '75 Country
37 May '75 Hot 100


He came riding in on the sunrise On a hot west Texas day A fancy man in a painted wagon With some fancy things to say Looks like you folks need some water Well, water is my game And for a small price of one hundred dollars I bet ya I can make it rain Chorus So step back non believers Or the rain will never come Someone start that fire burning Someone beat that drum He said some may think Im crazy For making all these claims But I swear before this day is over You folks are gonna see some rain They all just stood there a staring, trying to believe But there was one named Lizzie Cooper who said he was a lying cheat

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She said you call yourself a rain man, why you ought to be ashamed Starting all these people dreaming, thinking you can make it rain Chorus Hey Lizzie, well a mans got to have a dream And if you cant walk on the inside with me Ill meet you in between Oh come with me Lizzie and the stars will write your name And if you think Im still lying to you Look a yonder, there comes the rain Chorus


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