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Lyrics by: Larry Gatlin
# Debut Chart
14 Sep '74 Country
84 Sep '74 Hot 100


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I wandered far away from the place where I was born and raised I suffered through the Oklahoma dry lands And through New York City's cold and rainy days And these dried up bones of mine are powerful thirsty Just once again to feel them Mississippi rains Lord, I got that Delta dirt, Lord I got that black land Delta dirt down in my veins In my veins I'm goin' home this mornin' If I have to walk, run or fly I promised me as sure as I was standin' That I'm never, ever gonna say goodbye 'Cause this heart of mine keeps tellin' me I'm crazy To keep wearin' the city's ball and chain Lord, New York is mighty pretty If you don't mind what you say But I'd take a hundred acres of black land dirt Over New York, Detroit and L.A. I'm goin' home to Delta mama 'Cause she's got everything Gonna cure my aches and pains And I got that Delta dirt, Lord Down in my veins I got it in my veins I got it in my veins Lord, I got it in my veins


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