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# Debut Chart
70 May '74 Hot 100


Johnnyís been runniní hard all his life ícause life never treated him right Well he ainít running now You see his eyes are closed They canít hurt him tonight Sleepiní, heís sleepiní Just let him be for a while Donít wake him, donít take him To where the people donít smile

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Sleepiní, my man is sleepiní nice now Please let him stay here with me I promise, Iíll keep him At home, where heís supposed to be Heís been out there In the streets you know And struggliní, scuffliní Trying to survive Out there in a richmanís world And now you say my johnny is not alive But youíre wrong, canít you see Sleepiní, heís just sleepiní mister He doesnít rest very much He lives hard and he gives hard And Iíll just die for his touch Sleepiní, heís sleepiní Without a care to his name Heís peaceful Heís quiet Heís tired of runniní his game Heís been out there In the streets you know With all the pain and all the suffering Out there Where you fight like hell He never learned a fix donít fix a thing Donít touch him Johnny put too much in his vanes And now youíre trying to tell me heís gone I donít believe you Iím just gonna sit here And rock him in my arms Sleepiní, heís sleepiní He doesnít rest very much You see he lives hard and gives hard


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