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# Debut Chart
1 Aug '74 Adult Contemp
9 Aug '74 Hot 100
40 Sep '74 Country


Hey, mister Where you going in such a hurry Don't you think it's time you realized

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There's a whole lot more to life Than work and worry The sweetest things in life are free And they're right before your eyes (CHORUS) You got to stop and smell the roses You got to count your Many blessings every day You're gonna find your way to Heaven Is a rough and rocky road If you don't stop and smell The roses along the way Before you went to work This morning in the city Did you spent some time With your family Did you kiss your wife And tell her that she's pretty Did you take your children To your breast, love them tenderly (CHORUS) Did you ever take a Walk through the forest Stop and dream awhile Among the trees Well, you can look up through The leaves right straight to heaven And you can almost hear the voice of God In each and every breeze but (CHORUS) 2X


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