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# Debut Chart
7 Dec '74 Adult Contemp
51 Dec '74 Country
39 Feb '75 Hot 100


Somewhere to the South of New York City Lies the friendly State of Tennessee

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Down in Nashville town I met a pretty Who made a pretty Big fool out of me (CHORUS) And they call her Sally, Sally G Why do you want to do The things you do to me You`re my Sally, Sally G Took the part that Was the heart of me Sally G The night life took me Down to Printers Alley Where Sally sang a Song behind the bar I ran my eyes across her As she sang a tangled mime I used to love to Hear her sweet guitar (CHORUS) Me and Sally took up Things began to look up Me and her were Going strong Then she started lying I could see our love was dying I heard a voice say Move along, move along Well, now I`m On my own again I wonder if she Ever really understood I never thought to ask her What the letter G stood for But I know for sure It wasn`t good (CHORUS) Take it, chaps Sally G


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