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# Debut Chart
20 Jan '74 Hot 100


Once there was a boy and girl Boy said I love you so Girl said I'll never leave you They grew older and left each other 'Cause that's the way love goes That's the way love goes

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Then there's a time Seems like you'll never find Someone willing to love you Can't go lookin' You'll soon discover A mighty love will sometimes make it We've been wrong A mighty love You sit alone babe by the telephone 'Cause you're all alone You need a mighty love a-hey Some say that you're sure to find True love and piece of mind At the end of a rainbow There's no sign in the sky to follow 'Cause that's the way love goes Baby that's the way love goes And so there's a rhyme That says life will soon be fine Love is just what you make it To keep on lovin' you'll soon discover A mighty love will sometimes make a A weak man strong A mighty love will sometimes make a A rich man weak And knock him off his feet To have a mighty love Mighty-mighty-mighty-mighty Mighty-mighty love just comin' Down on me baby yeah Hey-hey I can feel the world Gettin' brighter brighter wit-cha lovin' Ya see baby With a mighty love ya can Sometimes turn the world around With a mighty love ya can- ya can Turn the world around sometimes Yes ya can uh! Hey baby Makes music have a happy-ha-ha-happy sound Makes ya move makes ya groove Ya get the feelin' that is real and hang on Oh-oh high-high-high I gotta gone-gone-gone gonna get your lovin' Oh baby oh-ho-ho-I I got your love Got to love you Got to love you I I got to love you I got ta love ya meet ya You got the love Baby I I knew when I first met ya That ya had a mighty love baby I'm gonna wait on ya I'm gonna wait on ya Gonna wait on ya baby I still believe e-e-e-e-e In your love Mighty-mighty-mighty-mighty Mighty-mighty-mighty Hey can I say Can-can-can I say La-la-la-la-la-la-baby Ho-ho ho-ho-ho-ho baby a-yeah Try- let's give it one more try baby Ooo-ooo-ooo Hoo-ooo-hoo Ooo-ooo-hoo Hoo-hoo-ooo Hoo-hoo Hoo-hoo Give it-give it-give-it give-it baby Yeah hey I wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-want Your mighty love You got it You got it baby yeah-whoa Lord Sho nuff can give my love bab-ay


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