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# Debut Chart
1 Nov '73 R&B
19 Dec '73 Hot 100


I guess there's no good reason for living But I'll keep on living for you, baby There's nothing else to do, babe But spend my life holding and loving you Oh, oh, oh If I ask you more than One million times to forgive me You'd think of a reason why That you should make me cry

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Don't make me cry, babe Walk out and say goodbye Away from me, oh, oh, oh I'm tired of the bright ideas About leaving me When you know you're not Going nowhere but here with me Here with me Let me tell you a thing Stop and think of just how good I've been to you, baby, please Not causing no trouble for you baby This story just can't be true, baby Just can't be true, baby How can I convince you, baby But just tell you the truth I'm breathing for you Giving for you, waiting for you Let me tell you what I know I'm laying for you Praying for you, working for you I don't mind if I tell you that I'm Living for you, not ashamed I'm giving for you, giving for you Oh, my, my Playing for you Praying for you, working for you everything I do I everything I do I still do with you Something to do with you To do with you


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