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Lyrics by: Isaac Hayes
# Debut Chart
30 Dec '73 Hot 100


Every morning when I rise, baby I look into your sexy eyes, baby Your love refreshing is good to me, baby There`s no other place I`d rather be, baby What a way to start each day Everything I think of Just comes my way Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah (CHORUS) Cause you`re my joy You`re everything to me And you`ve shown me How groovy life can be Lips to lips, heart to heart In a way that will never part

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Sweetness is the name for you, sugar And lovlieness becomes you too Dedication is your thing, mama You`re forever true to your man, baby You`re the only one Who thrills me through and through And I`ll never find another If I search this whole world through Oh, no, no, no (CHORUS) Now you know why I smile all the time, baby You give me such peace of mind, honey Heartaches and pain is A thing of the past, baby I found happiness at last, mama Anything you want I`ll glady give to you Cause you never did nothing once That`s why I love you too Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah (CHORUS) Keep on loving me Keep on teasing me.....


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