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Lyrics by: Thom Bell, Linda Creed
# Debut Chart
18 May '74 Hot 100


Sittin' in a railway station, My suitcase in my hand. Goin' back where I came from, Had more than I can stand. Watchin' men destroy my dreams, Picked my brain 'til it was clean. When I was up They knocked me down, hey. I ain't goin' to hang around I'm goin' ho-ho-home, hey, hey. (I'm comin' home) Yes I am. (Comin' home) More than I can stand, now doncha Tell someone to meet me, I'm comin' ho-ho-ho-home. Yeah, hey. (Tell someone to meet me) Why doncha? (Home) Yesseree. Gotta tell y'all. Came to this old town Seeking fortune and some fame. Never got the chance to prove myself Though I tried to play their game. Usin' people just ain't my thing, I don't dangle from any string. To please some fool that don't care about They turned me inside out, I'm goin' ho-ho-home, yeah.

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I got it, you know too. (I'm comin' home) Hey, I know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna tell someone to meet me. (Home) Yes I am Will ya meet me (tell someone to meet me) When you're down and out Hey, hey. I gotta admit it. I'm really not ashamed Of half the things I said. And I don't want nobody Tryin' to show me pity. 'cause I've had more than I can stand And ???? be a better man. I can rearrange my life And buy me these fine-made curtains (?????????????) (home) Won'tcha wait for me ????????????? (comin' home) Try to be -- try to be a better man. (Tell someome to meet me) Try to get me somethin' together. Yes it is, hey hey hey! (Tell someome to meet me) Why doncha? Why doncha? Why doncha? (Tell someome to meet me) Why doncha? (Tell someome to meet me) Oh, hey! It was gonna get steady But I came to the city Livin' in a cold life Place for the nothin' (?????????) Hey! You know I gotta get back out Ain't used to livin' like that see. It's been a long time Since I felt like a real man. Heh heh. Comin' to the city, Hey, you got the wrong man (????????) [Fade] Ain't ??????? I'm goin' back where I came from. Yeah, 'cause the only people that care about me, ????? no more, heh...


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