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Lyrics by: Shel Silverstein
# Debut Chart
3 Nov '73 Country


Well goodbye tubs and clothes lines goodbye pots and pans I'm a gonna take a greyhound bus as further as I can I ain't a gonna wash no windows and I ain't a gonna scrub no floors And when you realize I'm gone I'm a gonna hear you roar And you'll say hey Loretta I love you more than my Irish Setter Hey Loretta don't leave me alone Hey Loretta I swear I'm a gonna treat you better Buy you brand new overalls if you'll only come back home

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I work my fingers to the bone and we don't hardly speak And all I ever get is just a little kiss about once a week So you can feed the chickens and you can milk the cow This a woman's liberation honey is a gonna start right now And you'll say hey Loretta... I'll dress up like a movie star and pretty up my hair And no one here is a gonna know what I'll be doing there I'll be swinging from a chandelier and bouncin' off the walls Instead of lovin' just one man I'm a gonna love 'em all And you'll say hey Loretta...


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