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by Webbie, Lil' Phat & Lil' Boosie
# Debut Chart
5 Nov '07 R&B
9 Dec '07 Hot 100


[Chorus] Independent do you know what that mean [Repeat 2x] She got to her own house She got her own car Two jobs work hard you a bad broad If you aint on sit down [Repeat 4x] [Verse 1: Webbie] Independent do you know what that mean Baby Phat jus relaxed Front your own flat screen Fat Folks Cook or clean that a maka maka seen When u callin her on her cellular she tell u she'nt need not a god damn thang You a hot damn thang If you think u finna get her wit a god damn chain You a fool boy u beta get some god damn chains He a fool up in the school Even walked across the stage And she say I love webbie From his looks to his waves The stilettos the J's depend on how the weather look Flip flop slippers just to show off the pedicure Flip flop niggaz jus depend on how the cheddar look She'll but her own I don't think she'll neva look In a man face standin waitin for him to take care of her She'll rather go to work and pay the bills on schedule

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[Chorus] [Verse 2: Lil Phat] She a dome dime diva Gutta like Keisha Work that meter Cuz she a good freaka Cuz she stay on her shit She got her own shit She don't neva trip cuz all she want is that dick She bouncy flossy keep them hoes off me Gutta lil slang man I love when she talkin A independent chick do you know what that mean She cook she clean neva smell like onion rings 22's on her whip O she do it large (she do it large) When she break a nigga off Get a nigga spoiled She a bad lil chick A fly lil chick Hit me on my phone she like to ride dick Got her stunna shades on lookin like sumthin Stayin long she a nice sumthin Like to go to the mall er'day for an outfit Hair did, nails did ,Independent what she call it [Chorus] [Verse 3: Lil Boosie] She got her own house Drive her own whip Range rover all her toe tips She got a pretty smile ..smell real good Only time she need a man for that good drill They by the bar to They superstars to They be like you aint got no money take yo broke tail home In baby phat they on They cloths match they phone They be like YEAH!!! when they song come on Leave the club kinda early Cuz they gotta go to work I mess wit supervisors who got credit like they perfect So dusty feet please don't bother me I got independent dimes on my mind...who spoil me Gucci hat...Gucci fit so sick That's a gift from my independent chick that serve Tryna get me next to her gotta be yaself mayne cuz she got her own money she don't need no help mayne. [Chorus]


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