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# Debut Chart
12 Nov '73 R&B
65 Nov '73 Hot 100


It`s all over, it`s all over It`s all over, it`s all over I tell you, I tell you I just can`t make it, baby I know it sounds funny But it ain`t no lie, ain`t no lie

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The very minute you start Out that door of my life I`m gonna cry, you hear me I`m gonna cry You just forget what I said last night Baby, I`m so proud of you We gotta stay and Fight this thing together Honey, I really want you to I`ll die for you, I`ll lie too I`ll even change my wicked ways I`ll do anything you want me to do But don`t say, don`t say It`s all over, it`s over The only way Now you know me for What I really am, girl Even though I plan to think? So why in the world Can`t you understand Your leaving would destroy me Understanding and consideration What we need now goes along ???? Baby, what did I do What could be so bad To turn you away Please don`t say It`s all over Give me one more chance It`s all over I`m on my knees I`d like to say You`re up one day And you`re down tomorrow All of this ? Just bring me sorrow When I see you Think about the past....


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