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Lyrics by: Leon Russell
# Debut Chart
89 Sep '73 Hot 100


Hung up in Oakland on a Saturday night Lord I said I just didn't feel right Goodnight, ladies all around But the right one hadn't found me Such a bad night, I didn't feel right

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When a friend came over 'fore it got too late, Asked me if I'd like to have a double date. Stars above, I fell in love With the Queen of the Roller Derby Now, Queenie's a lady you know she's quiet and shy Lord, she'll make you feel fine Remember the time that a trucker from Dallas Was callous to Queenie with his rude side. Now he can't deny that he got much more than he bargained for; Queenie's right cross brought him to the floor. Now he knows better than to mess With the Queen of the Roller Derby Well, she's fast as a bullet, She can jam all night, Make a full-grown Thunderbird die with fright. But when we get home, alone in love She murmurs like a sweet mourning dove. She's a lady, she's quiet and shy. Makes me feel good in this heart of mine. She's my love she's my lady, she's my Queen of the Roller Derby.


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