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Lyrics by: Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
# Debut Chart
51 Jun '73 Hot 100


Hey, lady You got the love I need Maybe more than enough Oh, darlin, darlin, darlin Walk a while with me Oh, you got so much So much, so much

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Many have I loved Many times been bitten Many times I`ve gazed Along the open road Many times I`ve lied And many times I`ve listened Many times I`ve wondered How much there is to know Many dreams come true And some have silver linings I live for my dream And a pocketful of gold Mellow is the man who knows What he`s been missing Many, many men can`t See the open road Many is a word that Only leaves you guessing A-guessing bout a thing You really oughta know Hoh, oh, oh, oh Really oughta know, oh, oh I really oughta know Oh, whoa You know I should You know I should You know I should


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