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# Debut Chart
19 Apr '73 R&B
52 Apr '73 Hot 100


Hey! Got your ????? But it's not what you say It's what you do! Huh! Yeah. Tellin' folks do it softly Long steady do (??????) If I know you do Turn on your fear like a slowman (????) Not what you think It's what you feel. About a time we go to be there Don't think you feel If it's not for real Yeah, yeah, yeah!

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Rocket do (?????) Said you want some Not what you want It's what you give Get what you want, yeah ('At's good) Oh, woah, don't go to jail (??????) But she don't want you.


Todd: I am not sure about ANY of these words.  The song is *almost* clear, but yet is still a nightmare.


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