Music Service


by John & Ernest
# Debut Chart
31 Apr '73 Hot 100


We interrupt this record To bring you a special bulletin Super Fly is missing (Owww, good God) We now take you to our On the spot reporter I have several witnesses here with me Sir, when was the last time You saw Super Fly (It was the third of September) And you, Sir, can you describe The suit Super Fly was wearing (Black or yellow, red or white and brown) And you, Sir, who was the last person Super Fly was seen with (Mrs., Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones) If we need you for any further information Can we call you (Whenever you call me, I`ll be there) We take you now to Washington We`re here at the White House The President has a special Announcement regarding Super Fly Mister President, Mister President What seems to be the problem (I got ants in my pants And I need to dance) Just arriving at the White House Is the man who would risk his Neck for his brother man (Shaft) Shaft, now that the President Has called you into the case What will you be doing (Chasing women and drinking) Mister President What is your opinion of Shaft (This cat Shaft is a bad Shut your mouth) I see the President and Shaft Have gone into the White House

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(What they do) Mister President, Mister President What are you and Shaft doing in there (Holding hands Making all kinds of plans) Mister President, why are you Holding hands with Shaft (Could it be I`m falling in love) I`ve just been handed a bulletin Super Fly was last seen (In Egypt, in Israel too) We take you back to Our on the spot reporter I`m here with Freddie Who we believe knows The whereabouts of Super Fly Excuse me, Freddie What a minute, what happened (Freddie`s dead) Freddie`s dead? (That`s what I said) Oh, well, I have several other witnesses Do you know where Super Fly is (We know, they know and You know and I know) I don`t know, how do you know (Your best friend wrote and told me) And just who is my best friend (Super Fly)


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