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Lyrics by: Bobby Russell
# Debut Chart
1 Feb '73 Hot 100
36 Apr '73 Country


He was on his way Home from Candletop Been two weeks gone And he thought he`d stop At William`s and have him a drink Fore he went home to her Andy Wolloe said hello And he said, hi What`s doing, Wo Said, sit down I got some bad news It`s gonna hurt

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He said, I`m your best friend And you know that`s right But your young bride Ain`t home tonight Since you been gone She`s been seeing That Amos boy, Seth Well, he got mad And he saw red And Andy said, boy Don`t you lose your head Cause to tell you the truth I been with her myself (CHORUS) That`s the night that The lights went out in Georgia That`s the night that They hung an innocent man Well, don`t trust your soul to No backwoods Southern lawyer Cause the judge in the town`s Got bloodstains on his hands Well, Andy got Scared and left the bar Walking on home cause He didn`t live far See, Andy didn`t have many friends And he`d just lost him one Brother thought His wife musta left town So he went home and finally found The only thing Papa had left him And that was a gun And he went off to Andy`s house A skipping through the Backwoods quiet as a mouse Came upon some tracks Too small for Andy to make He looked through the Screen at the back-porch door And he saw Andy lying on the floor In a puddle of blood And he started to shake Well, the Georgia Patrol Was a making their rounds So he fired a shot Just to flag em down And a big-bellied sheriff Got his gun and said Why`dya do it And the judge said guilty In a make-believe trial And slapped the sheriff On the back with a smile Said supper`s waiting at home And I gotta get to it (CHORUS) Well, they hung my Brother before I could say The tracks he saw while On his way to Andy`s house And back that night were mine And his cheating wife Had never left town And that`s one body That`ll never be found See, little sister don`t miss When she aims her gun (CHORUS)


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