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# Debut Chart
1 Mar '73 R&B
21 Apr '73 Hot 100


Oh, darling After all this time You seem to me, girl To be changing your mind We don`t talk no more Like we used to do What in the world Has come over you (Leaving me) oh, baby (Can`t be) tell me (What you`re telling me) I wanna know (baby) I heard somebody say (Leaving me can`t be) You want your clothes back (What you`re telling me) I want you to know (baby) Lately, I felt that you Avoided my conversations You would turn on the TV Didn`t need the aggravation I just don`t know I just don`t know What I`ve done to you But whatever it is, child I hope one thing can be true And that is (Leaving me can`t be) ah (What you`re telling me) (Can`t be) Sometimes I moan (Leaving me can`t be) You don`t know (What you`re telling me) Don`t know what You`re doing to me, baby (Can`t be) oh, lord Girl, if you only knew what Was going through my mind You`d stop fooling around And give me all your time The best years I`ve had I spent em all with you If you left me one day I`d be through

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(Leaving me) I`m sick, baby (Can`t be) somebody, somebody (What you`re telling me) Somebody know what I`m Talking about out there (baby) (Leaving me can`t be) I know it`s gonna be like (What you`re telling me) (Baby) I`m gonna be here I`m gonna be here With the neighbors And you know how The neighbors talk Old Tom over there He want you to Leave me the house And old Mary down there She don`t know what She`s talking about She think I`m cutting Up on you, baby....


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