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Lyrics by: Eliot Lurie
# Debut Chart
33 Jul '73 Hot 100


Just seventeen Everything that you've seen It's all there in her eyes So many years of her poor mama's tears and Her daddy's sweet lies There's nobody home Mary-Anne's alone Almost fully grown And worldly wise Jimmy's been down He's been out and around and He knows where it's at Love to be good if he thought that he could But it isn't like that He don't make mistakes What he makes he takes Jimmy gets all the breaks 'Cause he knows how

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[CHORUS] Jimmy loves Mary-Anne Jimmy wants to be a man Jimmy loves Mary-Anne She thinks it's alright She's not alone but She picks up the phone and hears Jimmy say Mother I'm beat I'm so sick of the streets Feel like running away There's no life here at all The city seems so small Sweeter music is calling us away Let it play [CHORUS] This big dollar town can drag you right down If you go it alone Even the strong don't survive very long When they're out on their own Jimmy knows it's true Mary-Anne knows it too They can see each other through If they hold on [CHORUS 2x]


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