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Lyrics by: Paul McCartney
# Debut Chart
10 Nov '73 Hot 100


Said farewell to my last hotel It was never much kind of abode Glasgow town never brought me down When I was heading out on the road Carlisle City never looked so pretty And the Kendall Freeway`s fast Slow down driver, want to stay alive I want to make this journey last

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(CHORUS) Helen (Helen) Hell on wheels Ain`t nobody else gonna Know the way she feels Helen (Helen) Hell on wheels And they never gonna take her away M-Six South down to Liverpool Where they play the West coast sound Sailor Sam, he came from Birmingham But he never will be found Doing fine when a London sign Greets me like a long lost friend Mister motor, won`t you check her out She`s got to take me back again (CHORUS) Got no time for a rum and lime I wanna get my right foot down (Get my right foot down) Shake some dust off of this old bus I gotta get her out of town (Get her out of town) Spend the day upon the motorway Where the carburetors blast (Carburetors blast) Slow down driver wanna stay alive I want to make this journey last (CHORUS) Say bye bye (bye bye)


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