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# Debut Chart
56 Dec '72 Hot 100


(CHORUS) Woman to woman (woman to woman) Heartache to heartache (Heartache to heartache) Lover to lover (lover to lover) Woman to woman (woman to woman)

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Woman to woman Everything I say Just labeled in this happening And it seems to come your way You don't care if it rains or shines Long as you know what's been Going down in the local rodeo (CHORUS) Lover to lover Well, I'm proud as proud can be Don't let it get on me When you talk about money, honey Now then you pray, child But I don't wanna be Lowered around anymore (CHORUS) Heartache to heartache Don't let it break so fast Think about all you have And let it last I can't take no more Teardrops from you But that don't give you No right to shout (CHORUS) Woman to woman


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