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Lyrics by: Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff
# Debut Chart
52 Nov '72 Hot 100
6 Nov '72 R&B


Mmm hmm, ooh wee, baby Mmm hmm, listen, lady Hey, I wine and dine you Take you anywhere you wanna go Oh, but when the night is over You just may not see me no more All I want is a one night affair That won't hurt nobody One night affair, hey I'm hit and run (hit and run) Be a son of a gun (son of a gun) But I'm hit and run (hit and run) But it could be fun

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I don't wanna love nobody Don't wanna take me a wife Girl, you just may not be ready To go steady for the rest of your life A one night affair It'll be all right A one night affair Let's start tonight Hit and run I'm a son of a gun I'm gonna hit and run Yes, I will, yes, I will Cause you see I've been a lonely man And I want you to understand That I'll never let you under my skin Cause I don't want to be had again Oh, no, baby (Hit and run) (Son of a gun) I couldn't stand it, baby (Hit and run) No, no, no, no, now A one night affair Sounds in a hurry A one night affair But you don't have to worry I'm hit and run I'll be a son of a gun And I know you Have been lonely too That's why you will understand Why a broken heart Is so hard on a man One of these days (one of these days) I'll be all right (I'll be all right) If you just let me (would let me) Love you tonight (love you tonight) I know it may sound (may sound) A little temporary (little temporary) Sometimes, baby (sometimes) It's so necessary A one night affair, I declare A one night affair, hey Just hit and run (hit and run) Be a son of a gun (son of a gun) Said hit and run (hit and run) Yes, it will, yes, it will be One night affair won't hurt nobody A one night affair, yeah, baby (Hit and run) Won't you be mine (Son of a gun) Just a little while (Hit and run) Hey, won't you be mine Won't you hold me


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