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by Cher
# Debut Chart
46 Sep '72 Hot 100
19 Sep '72 Adult Contemp


You never give yourself completely It's just that you've been hurt before You're so afraid to let me love you You never leave an open door Don't judge me by some other lover Who broke your heart and walked away Come, let's be fair with one another My world is yours, I swear it Say the word and we can share it [CHORUS] Don't hide your love (Don't hide your love) Not if you care for me (Not if you care for me) It isn't fair for me To worry and wonder and wait Don't hide your love (Don't hide your love) Just love me here and now (Just love me here and now) We'll work it out somehow Don't you keep us apart Baby, unlock your heart Don't hide your love

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Well, I know the past Has bought you sorrow The clouds still hang around today But don't let the rain Fall on tomorrow Baby, we can make it together Cause I'm gonna love you forever [repeat CHORUS 2x to fade]


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