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# Debut Chart
81 Aug '72 Hot 100
49 Sep '72 R&B


Ah, wholy holy Come together, holy People, we have Got to come together With all of the strength Power and all of the feeling Wholy holy Come on Together, one another Oh, wholy holy

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We should believe Believe in each other's dreams Jesus left a long time ago And said he would return But He left us A book to believe in And in it we've got A whole lot to learn Yeah, yeah, wholy holy We can conquer hate forever Oh, oh, oh, wholy holy We can rock this Earth's foundation Yes, we can (wholy holy) Can't you see us Brothers and sisters Talking about love (love) Love (love) love (love) love (Love, love, love, love, love) Ooh, ooh.... Wholy holy We can rock We can rock this Earth's foundation Wholy holy (wholy holy) Can't you see us coming together Talking about love Moving and grooving with love Living and giving with love Doing and moving with love Love, love, love, love, love Oh, oh, wholy holy We proclaim love We proclaim love As our salvation, oh Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Wholy holy, holy Holy, holy, holy, holy Wholy holy, wholy holy Wholy holy, wholy holy.....


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