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Lyrics by: Todd Rundgren
# Debut Chart
93 Jul '72 Hot 100


Keep your head and everything will be cool You didn`t have to make me feel like a fool When I try to say I feel the way that I do I want to talk to you And make it loud and clear though you don`t care to hear Couldn`t I just tell you the way I feel I can`t keep it bottled up inside And could we pretend that it`s no big deal And there`s really nothing left to hide

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Something sure doesn`t seem right to me When you can turn your back whenever you please And you stroll away and calmly bid me adieu Why can`t I talk with you And put it in your ear though you don`t care to hear Hear me out Why don`t you lend me an ear You`ve got no reason to fear I`ll make it perfectly clear I love you I don`t come whining with my heart on my sleeve I`m not a coward if that`s what you believe And I`m not afraid but not ashamed if it`s true I got to talk with you And then I`ll make it clear


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