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# Debut Chart
48 Sep '68 Country
62 Jul '72 Hot 100
22 Jul '72 Country


Well alright! Watch out! Now my daddy was a hard-shelled Alabama preacher My mama was a dedicated Sunday schoolteacher My brother went to college and got a PhD Daddy said the only dud in the family was me He said boy you ain`t never gonna amount to a thing You sit around with that silly-looking guitar and sing You hang around them juke joints all the time Making music like some wild man done lost his mind Going `Sock it to me!` well what`s that supposed to mean? Boy you just a wild man Well then one day Daddy told me boy I`ve had enough Now you can pack up that guitar and you can just pack up your stuff So I left home and organized myself a band Called myself the Alabama Wild Man Well I worked all them joints from the east to the west Never making no money nearly starving to death Living off coffee and cold sardines Soda crackers and pork and beans

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Well I finally went to Music City U.S.A. Said I`m the Alabama Wild Man and I`m here to stay Took my guitar and showed `em what I was talking about So we made a little record and we put it out, with me going Sock it to me honey, haha hook it boy, play that guitar, git it git it! Well now I`m driving Cadillacs a city block long And the Alabama Wild Man can do no wrong `Cause I`m selling them records and I`m working them shows And people love me everywhere I go But a funny thing happened about a week or so back I worked a show in my hometown and the place was packed And guess who was sittin` on the front row seat? Was my Daddy grinnin` up at me pattin` his feet, yellin` Sock it to your daddy wild man, hook it, boy, hook it! Play that guitar, show `em son! Yeah that`s my boy all right Taught him everything he knows Bought him his first guitar Oh sock it to your daddy son! Go ahead put it to me put it to me! Keep them checks comin` in boy We gonna pave the drive next week!


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