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Lyrics by: Tim Hardin
# Debut Chart
76 Jul '72 Hot 100


If I was a carpenter Mmm, you were a lady Would you marry me anyway Would you have my baby If I worked my hands in wood I wonder would you still love me Aww, say yes, I would I'd put you above me

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That's what I want you to say And would you save My love from loneliness Would you save my love From sorrow Well, if you would I'd give you my onlyness Girl, and all of my tomorrows All of my tomorrows Hey, hey, hey Come on Yeah, yeah, yeah If a tinker were my trade Would you still find me Carrying the pots And the pans that I made Walking along the highway That long, lonely highway If I was a carpenter And you were a lady And I was just a carpenter Instead of a rock and roll star Just a carpenter A carpenter A carpenter


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