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46 Jun '72 Hot 100


Last night We had an argument Oh, oh, yes we did Although baby The things I said I never meant Girl I'm so sorry That I broke your tender heart For we've come too far To end it now

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You say you're satisfied And we can leave things just like this Oh, oh, baby But what you don't realize is Without your love I can't exist So, Please, oh please Have mercy on me Can't you see We've come much too far to end it now We've come much too far to end it now Ohh, baby Now, I know, our love Is much too very strong. Yes it is Yes it is Oh, yes it is To ever think about ending this Would be so very wrong Yes it will Oh, yes it will We've had arguments before But there's one thing You must know That I think we've come Much too far to end it Baby don't ya know I could never let you go Baby love you so Gotta let ya know That we've come, Much too far to Baby come to me, Gotta make you see, We can make it last, Just like in the past


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