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13 Aug '72 Hot 100


I had nothing to do On this hot afternoon But to settle down And write you a line. I've been meaning to phone you, But from Minnesota, Hell it's been a very long time, You wear it well, A little old fashioned But that's all right.

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Well I suppose you're thinking I bet he's sinking Or he wouldn't get in touch with me. Oh I ain't begging or losing my head. I sure do want you to know that you wear it well, There ain't a lady in the land so fine. Remember those basement parties, your brothers karate, The all day rock and roll shows. Them homesick blues and radical view Haven't left a mark on you, you wear it well, A little out of time, but I don't mind. But I ain't forgetting that you were once mine, But I blew it without even tryin'. Now I'm eatin' my heart out, Tryin' to get a letter through. Since you've been gone it's hard to carry on. I'm gonna write about the birthday gown that I bought in town, When you sat down and cried on the stairs. You knew it did not cost the earth, but for what it's worth. You make me fell a millionaire and you wear it well. Madame Onassis got nothing on you. And when my coffees cold and I'm getting told That I gotta get back to work, So when the sun goes low and you're home all alone, Think of me and try not to laugh and I'll wear it well. I don't object if you call collect, 'cos I ain't forgetting that you were once mine.


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